About me

Hey there 👋🏻 I’m Vikrant Bhat, a 25-year-old who is passionate about crafting delightful experiences online.

I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember, be it crafting UFOs with LEGO blocks as a kid, or building software for the masses as a young adult.

I wrote my first line of code at age 15 in C++, but it would be a few years before I would realize that I wanted to be a software builder 🏗️.
I was hooked on the idea that I could use my skills to build something that could improve the lives of millions of people around the world. My philosophy for building tech has been Pain-point-based-development ✨ , and that is how most of my side projects and full-time jobs have been.

Apart from this, I'm always enhancing my core skill.
You would always find me tinkering with new technologies.
Currently I am teaching myself Three.js and SVG micro-animations using framer-motion.

I also like to mentor newbies 👨🏻‍💻 in my free time.

So, you’ve stumbled upon my site and thought, “I want to work with this person!” Well, I am flattered! If you’re looking for a software engineer who can code cool programs and apps, you’re in luck.

Check out my hire me page.